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The Reverse Cut Crease Trend Is Basically Irresistible to Makeup Influencers

Peter By on January 12, 2022 0 877 Views

Cut creases are a go-to look for many beauty enthusiasts and probably one of the most repeated eye looks in the makeup world. At this point, we can definitely consider it a classic makeup style. Despite its uniformity, artists have figured out different ways to reimagine the shape, just like London-based makeup artist Ana Takahashi did in late 2021. She flipped the style on its head and created a reverse cut crease that’s quickly become a widespread trend.

On November 30, Takahashi posted her smoked-out version of the cut crease, which you can view here, for her 80,000 Instagram fans to gaze at. The crease is cut with precision, but the way she inverted the shadows above the crease — as opposed to the standard clean brow bone — adds an edge to the popular shape. Below the dark brown cut crease, she painted a white eye shadow on three-quarters of the inner lid and blended the brown hue on the remaining outer eye. She buffed the same brown shadow above the crease near the inner corner and applied the white shadow on the brow bone. There are also traces of the chocolate brown eye shadow in a cat-eye shape on her lid and below the waterline.

The unique twist on the eye look caught our eyes and the eyes of almost 27,000 other people who liked the post. It was so good that it inspired other reverse cut crease recreations from quite a few other makeup enthusiasts.

Denmark-based content creator Freja Bermann created her own version of the inverted cut crease, switching out the white shadow for a minty green. She told Allure that she loved the retro vibe of the look and that it reminded her of the ’90s. She used the Kaleidos Makeup Futurism III: Astro Pink Palette to cut her crease and create the smoked-out brown line, similar to the original. With Beauty Bay’s The Pastels Palette, she swiped the mint hue on the lid and brow bone. With a pair of falsies, full-coverage complexion products, and a matte peach lipstick, the look was complete.

selfie of content creator freja bermann  with a mint and chocolate brown cute crease nude lipstick and bronzed cheeks

Though they loved Takahashi’s original look, it wasn’t until England-based content creator Shavonte Dill saw Bermann’s version that they decided to create their own. Like the original, they blended out the brown line on the crease but added their own twist with a bubblegum pink shadow. Using the BH Cosmetics Doja Cat Mega palette and BPerfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie Carnival III Love Tahiti Palette, they brushed the pink hue on their lid and brow bone. Lastly, they painted on the Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark and Kaleidos Cloud Lab Lip Clay in Dune to create a matte, brown-and-pink ombré lip.

selfie of creator shavonte dill with hands on the side of their face a pink and brown graphic cut crease and bleached brows
Courtesy of Instagram/@shavonte_dill

U.K.-based beauty influencer Chelsea Uchenna was inspired by Takahashi’s original reverse cut crease and the minty version Bermann created. As a fan of bright hues, Uchenna wanted to try an entirely different color combo: pink and yellow. With OPV’s Rainbow Splash Palette, she cut the crease with a fuchsia color. She then added the fuchsia color and a bright pink hue towards the inner corner and blended a vibrant yellow on her brow bone. She used the same yellow shadow on half of her lid and buffed the pink on the outer eye. With the fuschia color, she created a blended-out cat-eye as well.

selfie of content creator chelsea uchenna with blended out pink and yellow eye makeup
Courtesy of subject

She lined her waterline with black eyeliner and added a tiny sharp point at the inner corner. In addition to the falsies on her lid, she applied lashes on the bottom to complete the eye. The look wasn’t finished, however, until she buffed a pink blush on her cheeks and added a pink lip gloss to her lips.

The reverse cut crease created by Takahashi was already fabulous, but these colorful recreations make us love the look even more. Though cut creases may bore some members of the makeup community, we love how all four of these artists breathed some new life into the classic shape.

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